3d Printing Saves Frank Lloyd Wright’s Annie Chapel

3D printing dramatically lowered both expense and attempt to complete the new recovery, enabling Baker’s staff to integrate 2,000 unique tinted glass tiles into Wright’s original layout sheet blocks, recreating the jeweled package effect imagined by the architect. http://design-milk.com/3d-printing-rescuing-frank-lloyd-wrights-annie-pfeiffer-chapel/

A Modern Family Farm in Tx

Each room has a different feel rendering it very hard to decide on a well liked. http://design-milk.com/modern-family-ranch-texas/

Sneak a Glance at DesignPOP by Lisa Roberts

Swayed by architecture, photography, style and food tradition, she designed two new collections that are equally clear and modern. http://design-milk.com/fou-de-feu-modern-ceramics/

Fou de Feu Modern Ceramics

I used to be incredibly enthusiastic to learn that architect and custom Lisa Roberts, who comes from my former “hometown”, Philadelphia, is releasing a new book called DesignPOP. Lisa has accumulated an incredible assortment of contemporary layout goods, which she calls “Antiques of the Future” and even composed a book about her selection. Her new guide targets recreation- goods that leader and changing layout. From resources to technology to production techniques, Lisa examines some of the parts we’re previously starting to observe as style classics. DesignPOP hits on shelves on Sept 16th but we got a peek inside plus an enhanced copy. http://design-milk.com/sneak-peek-designpop-lisa-roberts/