Fish Near Edenton?

A few small yellow perch, some legal but not worth keeping, a small bluegill, one 18.5 rock and three crappie measuring 13", 13" and 14". It was a very pleasant day.

Fishing Report 11/4 Hammered them jigging - trolling wasn't so good Mid Bay

Can anyone tell me what fish species can be caught within 8-10 mile from Edenton NC? Wife and I are considering getting a place there, but I saw the salinity not so high. How is the crabbing, flounder fishing?

Looking To Lease Duck Marsh or Blind

So we decided to run on out to the bay and found some more birds working. We proceeded to jig on them with four of us using three different jigs. 1) using a gold Sting Silver rigged "butterfly style" (two stinger hooks on top instead of the traditional "J" or treble at he bottom 2) using BKD style chartreuse 3) two using a "JS" special which is a feather jig on a 4' leader rigged to a 1 ounce weight (similar to bottom bouncing except light tackle style). #1 caught a 32" and 26"Rockfish in pretty quick order while the others were only catching dinks.

Fishing Report Speckled trout I caught yesterday with exact location

Well, It is a trout, and it is speckled :) 53' 10.086 S I even left my mug shot in And let you see the lure even the trees grow sideways from the wind down here... Attached Thumbnails

Fishing Report Change of pace fishing a river northern bay

Have 2 Labs not quite a yr old and I'm getting back in the game ....... If anyone knows of any marsh/blinds for lease please message me. West side of Bay only please.

Fishing Report Big Bluecats are snapping again!

6 citation cats, a good day.!?goto=newpost