It Begins: Ukraine Troopers Eliminate Element Of "armed" Convoy, Shares Crash Zero Hedge

Armed men were visible in the gloom by the border fence as the column moved into Ukraine. Kiev has lost control of its side of the border in this area. The trucks are unlikely to represent a full-scale official Russian invasion, and it was unclear how far they planned to travel inside Ukrainian territory and how long they would stay. But it was incontrovertible evidence of what Ukraine has long claimed that Russian troops are active inside its borders. ... The armoured column seen by the Guardian appeared to be further evidence of Russia's incursions, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied. A reminder of the comparative anxiety in bonds and stocks... From Reuters: UKRAINIAN MILITARY SPOKESMAN SAYS UKRAINE FORCES ENGAGED RUSSIAN ARMOURED COLUMN ON UKRAINIAN SOIL AND "PART OF IT NO LONGER EXISTS" UKRAINIAN MILITARY SPOKESMAN SAYS UKRAINIAN FORCES HAD TRACKED RUSSIAN ARMOURED COLUMN AFTER IT CROSSED BORDER INTO UKRAINE RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY SAYS UKRAINIAN FORCES ENGAGING IN INTENSE FIGHTING IN EASTERN UKRAINE TO STOP HUMANITARIAN AID TO THE REGION The result... The Ruble snapped lower but is recovering..

Bespoke Investment Group - Think BIG - Stocks Down on EarningsĀ Again

Of the more than 2,400 companies that reported since earnings season began on July 8th, the average stock fell 0.70% on the day of its report. (For companies that report before the open, we look at that day's change. For companies that report after the [source] close, we look at the next day's change.) As shown below, the last two quarters have been brutal for stock performance on earnings. reference The average one-day decline of 0.70% this quarter was bad, but last quarter was even worse when the average stock fell 0.9% on its report day. This is the worst two-quarter stretch going back to at least 2003 using data from our Interactive Earnings Report Database . Let's see if there's a bounce back next quarter after this brutal two quarter stretch.

Barclays - 8 job killing companies - CNNMoney

The latest wave of cuts includes the elimination of as many as 7,000 positions at its investment bank, which has a large presence in New York at the former Lehman Brothers headquarters. Barclays says the moves would help make the bank "leaner, stronger" and better balanced in the long run. As is often the case, investors cheered the cuts. Barclays shares popped over 7% on the day of the layoff announcement. Google+ Market indexes are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer Morningstar: 2014 Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.