The Throw Of 'ghostbusters' Reunited For Their Cast That Was 30th Of 'ghostbusters' Reunited For Their 30th Anniversary.

For example Bow Wow had a greater age difference with you in the past, but at some point the human consciousness somehow shifted that Bow Wow is older, and reality changed with it. However, since humanity is the one that changes reality subconsciously, we don't notice, unless someone points out the issue like we did in this discussion. Another "example" of Pan-Human Consciousnesses, the " Go to Parking-> take Mone y" rule in Monopoly.

The Hellraiser Reboot Will Focus On The Creator Of Pinhead's BoxThe Hellraiser Reboot Will Focus On The Creator Of Pinhead's Box

x265 is on the horizon, and will in the coming years replace x264 on both 4K blu-rays, internet movie streaming, and movie rips like those we find on torrent sites today. x264 roughly doubles the encoding efficiency over x264.

The size of our 70mm IMAX copy of InterstellarThe size of our 70mm IMAX copy of Interstellar

We only have human intelligence as a reference, not what intelligence generally can be. We are limited by imperfect memory, no networking, our 5 senses, don't get beyond a certain age, a brain that degrades over time and go through chance-based evolutionary cycles for future generations.

Official Discussion: Interstellar (Early Release) [SPOILERS]

Finding its way to those whose hearts are dark enough and who seek it out. I don't want it explained to me as the mystery helps keep it scary.

CHAPPIE 2015 Offical TrailerCHAPPIE 2015 Offical Trailer

by mi-16evil [ M ] - stickied post This an early release thread. Another Interstellar official discussion will be posted on 11/6 at 9pm. Synopsis: With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history; traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars. Director: Christopher Nolan