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However, a key characteristic of that crash were online companies with little in the way of solid assets or unique service offerings. Mostly, the companies that failed were shiny online reinventions of services that were already being catered for in the real world, or else failed to monetise large non-paying internet audiences. The firms trying to advance wearable technology are, at heart, hi-tech manufacturers and owners of potentially valuable intellectual property. The involvement of respectable and established companies also give the virtual reality sector some respectability. The main risk is that as technology is so fast paced someone could easily come along and do the same thing but better, or that companies do not live up to their expectations and their business plan fails. But Mr Hayes says: 'This is different to the time of the technology boom as demand is proven and there is a better quality of business.' Investing in virtual reality Virtual reality, or immersive media, is a computer generated environment that puts a user in a 3D world. It has been around for decades, since flight simulators in the 1960s, but as technology has improved, it has got cheaper and easier to do and big companies such as Samsung, Sony and Facebook are now getting involved. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/investing/article-2828680/Wearable-technology-like-Google-Glass-tipped-multi-billion-pound-industry-good-fit-investors.html

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"The next computing platform will move closer to our bodies," Rose said. "Our bet is that virtual reality will be the on ramp for ocular computing." Facebook is not the only big name staking out a position in the market. Sony Corp. ( SNE ) is developing the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset that will plug into its PlayStation game systems. Google http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/wealth/savings-centre/savings-news/kisan-vikas-patra-relaunched-to-boost-household-savings-rate/articleshow/45198413.cms Inc. ( GOOG ) , which markets its Glass computerized eyewear, has a do-it-yourself alternative called Cardboard. After downloading a mobile app, users can make their own headsets a piece of cardboard and simple materials. A Velcro flap holds the user's phone in front of two eye holes in what is essentially a pair of makeshift goggles. While virtual reality has long been fodder for science fiction, Rose said that recent advances in mobile phone screens have made projects like Oculus possible. http://www.thestreet.com/story/12963545/1/facebooks-2-billion-oculus-play-still-a-virtual-reality.html?kval=dontmiss


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