Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics
Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics

A large amount of people are living with diabetes, and the number keeps increasing yearly, a lot of people are prone to suffer from diabetes-related complications as it can arise when least expected. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer life insurance to diabetics, so you can protect your family if something happens to you! You might be surprised at which companies are willing to cover diabetics, though – some of them might surprise you!

If you have diabetes, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get life insurance at all, let alone which company would be the best fit. But in reality, getting life insurance if you have diabetes isn’t that much different than getting it if you don’t have diabetes. The same companies that offer life insurance to everyone else will still offer it to you too, just with slightly different requirements to protect their interests in case you pass away early due to your diabetes.

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics
Life Insurance for Diabetics

Here are the top three life insurance companies for diabetics, as rated by real customers with diabetes.

1) John Hancock’s Aspire

John Hancock’s Aspire offers diabetic life insurance to Americans who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within seven years. However, if you have been living with diabetes for more than seven years and can prove that your life is under control by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you may be eligible. In order to qualify for a policy through Aspire, applicants must complete a short medical screening process that consists of answering two questions about their health and lifestyle.

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2) Prudential

Prudential’s life insurance offerings come with non-medical underwriting, which means that you don’t have to undergo a medical exam. Prudential doesn’t offer life insurance for diabetics through their direct marketing channels; however, it does partner with Allstate Life Insurance Company (known as Allstate Indemnity Company in NJ) to offer diabetes coverage through its website.

3) Pacific Life

Pacific Life has long been one of America’s premier life insurance companies, providing coverage to more than two million families. Pacific Life offers life insurance to diabetics who have minimal complications related to their disease. One of Pacific Life’s most popular options is its Guaranteed Issue Plan, which is available at no cost and gives applicants a fast turnaround time on their applications.

If you have diabetes, you’re already dealing with a lot—don’t make your life insurance shopping unnecessarily complicated. Check out our top 3 picks to see which provider is right for you.