High school seniors have a lot of unique opportunities when they graduate. Some choose to enter the workforce. Meanwhile, others decide to pursue a secondary education. If you happen to be one of the high school seniors who plan on pursuing a post secondary education then we commend your choice. However, there are a few things that you might need to know. For one, the cost of college is not cheap. As a result, each year thousands of high school seniors search frantically for a scholarship that they can use to help afford the cost of tuition. Some get lucky and end up winning a scholarship. Meanwhile, most high school seniors are turned down and are forced to work long hours that could potentially affect their grades just to scrape the proper amount of money together for college. Well, we have a very unique solution for you high school seniors out there struggling to make ends meet.

Unique Scholarships For High School Students

One of the least talked about scholarships currently out there are unique scholarships for high school students. Allow us to clarify exactly what these are. We suppose you could classify a unique scholarship in with the weird scholarships we have on this site. However, there is a small difference. Unique scholarships aren’t really weird by nature they are just different. It just so happens that we have created a post that covers exactly what a unique scholarship is.

However, when we add high school seniors into this equation we do get a number of interesting scholarships. Since high school seniors are so green they are eligible for a lot of unique scholarships. We have compiled a few of our favorite scholarships below:

  • Letters About Literature- This is a very unique scholarship contest. Here is how it works; Basically, you choose your favorite author and send a letter to them. Scholarships range between $50 to $1,000. Of course, its not just THAT simple but that is the gist of the contest.
  • Create A Greeting Card- We really like this scholarship because it allows you to show off your creativity. If you are skilled at creating greeting cards then you will definitely love this scholarship. You are required to create a photo, artwork, and the font of the greeting card. Oh, and the award for the first prize winner is worth $10,000. Not too shabby!