What To Avoid When Filling Out A Scholarship Application

Many go about filling out scholarship applications without knowing a few rules. The rules associated with applications are what the foundation holding the application process checks off its list.

The number one most used incident is misinformation. Whether the misinformation comes down to an old street address, zip code, or even a name. That application will be tossed to the side and thrown out. Everything from credentials to test scores has to be accurate. Some believe there is a way to confuse or get by with these misinformed accounts. Not every time a bit of misinformation is sent in on an application it will be thrown out.

As it goes many have fallen victim to the issue I am about to discuss below:

If a website asks for a downpayment to download the PDF file to fill out the application, do not, repeat do not give out your money or information. These are scam artists targeting college-bound individuals who are new to the application process. Every application is free to fill out and submit. The whole point of scholarships is to award an individual with some form of bountiful prize. A type of contest designed to pick the best candidate who submitted. In one way shape or form should your personal information come at a cost? Also, avoid identity theft with these websites. Research a few basic articles that focus on telling the difference between a legit and fake submission form.

This next bit should be well-known but it’s not. Pay attention to the deadline. Matter of fact 65% of scholarship foundation members suggest filling out the application and sending it in within the first three weeks, once the application has become available. Individuals who wait two weeks before may not even be accounted for. The reason is that so many students have already sent in their applications and needless to say, they have beat you to it. Too many submission forms tend to slip through the cracks and end up not being filtered through. So check that deadline and submit as early as possible.

Now the last bit of information is highly important and easily missed. Click through the foundation website for the scholarship you are filling out. See if it happens to mention any colleges or universities they may or may not be able to work towards. Some scholarships are not bound to work for some colleges. So check the scholarship foundation and college you have picked out. Call both administrators and find out if they support each other, so the scholarship will be credited to the school.

Imagine receiving that scholarship just to find out that the college you’ve picked does not and will not accept the funds from the scholarship. Making sure everything and everyone is on the right page is a sorely missed step.
As always be careful, read through twice before hitting the submit button, and accurately give the correct information needed to succeed in receiving or end up in the running for the scholarship of your dreams.