USA Visa Lottery, Canada & Australia Visa Lottery Application Process

USA, UK, CANADA Visa Lottery

The DV-2022/23 USA Visa Lottery Program is now available to everyone in the globe who satisfies the two minimal entry conditions. This year’s lottery winners may enter the US using their winning green cards. Keep in mind that neither Canada nor Australia run visa lotteries.

The Immigration and Nationality Act governs the Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery, which is run by the Department of State of the United States (U.S.).

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Application for the USA VISA Lottery is restricted, and it only takes place once a year. Only those individuals and countries that meet the requirements may apply. This means that you are automatically disqualified from the American VISA Lottery 2019/2020 if your country of origin is not one that is eligible.

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Six geographical regions are split up among the diversity visas. Regions with lower immigration rates receive more USA Visa Lottery awards. Additionally, citizens of countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the previous five years are ineligible to enter the green card lottery.

No country may get more than 7% (3,500) of the total DVs for any given geographic region during any fiscal year.  Currently, Africa and Europe receive over 80% of all diversity visas.

Qualifications for Work Experience, Education, and Occupations

  • Verify your eligibility.
  • Sign up with a working email address
  • Obtain your account’s registration number and password.
  • To update or add information, sign into your account.
  • Upload or provide pictures of you and any co-applicants.
  • Your images will be resized and cropped to conform to the diversity visa lottery’s specifications.
  • Your comprehensive and error-free application will be submitted by us.
  • Check online to see if you were awarded a Diversity Green Card.

The Immigration and Nationality Act governs the lottery, which is run by the Department of State INA). It strives to diversify the immigrant population in the country by offering 55,000 immigration visas each year.

When to sign up

The DV Program’s online registration period normally lasts from October 1 through November 3 of each year. Once it starts, you should sign up as soon as you can. Due to high website traffic, if you wait until the conclusion of the sign-up period, you can miss out.

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You must wait until the following year to reapply if you miss any year’s entry deadline. Keep in mind that the website typically sees high traffic right before entries close. So begin submitting applications as soon as the lottery program opens.

How and Where to Apply

Only the English-language version of the website is used for registration for the green card lottery. On the DV, applications are made online.

If you miss a year’s entry, you must wait until the following year to apply again. It should be noted that the website typically experiences high traffic near the entry deadline. So begin applying for the lottery program right away.

Be wary of Scammers online

Many con artists are willing to take your money in exchange for meaningless or even damaging information. You can come across private websites that offer everything from strategies for winning the green card lottery to ways to “hack the system,” many of which appear to be real.

Some even offer to assist you with your application, obviously for a price. Additionally, you can get phony emails, letters, and other forms of communication that attempt to persuade you that you’ve won the lotto.

Note that entry into the green card lottery is free, and that a machine conducts the drawing at random. Only by visiting the website and checking can you determine if you have won.